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Soo Hoon (Ayam Merah) A 4.5kg Bean Vermicelli

Due to system limitation prices are not shown in shopping cart or checkout. Please refer to the tables below.
Supermarket or grocery shop please whatsapp us for a different pricelist not shown on this site.

Prices for Cash & Carry (Harga Ambil sendiri)
Packing Quantity Price (rm)
4.5Kg x
1-4 48.10
5-9 47.40
>=10 46.80

Prices for Delivery with Payment within 14days (Directuser) (Harga Hantar)
Packing Quantity Price (rm)
4.5Kg x
1-4 48.40
5-9 47.70
>=10 47.00

Returnable: NO

Barcode: 0